Head of Senior Player Recruitment Eduardo Macià is set to leave Leicester City within a fortnight.

Macià has long been linked with a move to Ligue 1 club Bordeaux and it seems that his move will soon be confirmed.

According to French agent Bruno Satin, he will go to Bordeaux ‘with a scouting team’, suggesting that Leicester could also lose scouts such as Jakob Friis-Hansen and José Fontes.

“The sports director will arrive [at Bordeaux] in a fortnight,” Satin told French TV (via Web Girodins).

“It is someone who is relatively known. You will find out, his name has already filtered. At Leicester at the same time as Claude Puel.

“Eduardo Macia? Exactly. It’s been a while since we talked about it, but he had not warned his employers that he was leaving. His name was actually out. He is coming with a scouting team and he is going to want to do the same project that Lille has put in place. Have means available, buy young players and play them.”

Stay tuned to FoxesHub for a feature on what Leicester City’s scouting department could look like if Brendan Rodgers were to reunite with Lee Congerton.

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