Dmitri Halajko, the club’s Head of Technical Coaching, has given his top three tips for youth football training sessions.

Halajko was speaking at a coaching masterclass held at Grimsby Institute on Saturday (March 9).

He joined Leicester in June 2017 after being headhunted by the Foxes while in his role as Under-23s manager at Norwich City.

“Make sure they’re realistic and relevant to the game,” he told Cleethorpes Town assistant manager Jon Davy.

“So they’ve got things like direction, offside, they’ve got goals and goalkeepers whenever relevant.

“The other one would be to always have transitioning. So an attacking focus and a defending focus, with a transition between that.

“Then the third thing would be to make sure that it’s fun, that you have a connection with the players and that the players enjoy it. [It needs to be] a good intensity that they enjoy playing at.”

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