Strong journalism

At FoxesHub, we pride ourselves on our journalistic standards and principles.

On this site, you won’t find news articles about Jamie Vardy buying a £3 meal deal from Tesco Express on his day off. Head to the tabloids for that.

Our NCTJ journalism training and vast network of contacts provide a sound base for strong, accurate and ethical journalism.

We hope our readers will have learned something new after every news article they read. And we want our features to set them thinking and provoke discussion and debate with others.

Accurate news reporting

Our strongest principle is accurate reporting. Every news article is fact-checked, with multiple sources behind every exclusive.

We endeavour to produce as many exclusive news stories as possible. However, if something has been covered elsewhere, we will always find a fresh angle and add value to the story.

In-depth features

We are proud of our features too. We invest time and effort into conducting interviews and high quality research for our pieces.

These include our ‘FoxesHub Meets’ series, which will launch soon. Our editor will be sitting down with former Leicester City managers, players, coaches and scouts as they open up about their time on Filbert Way.